Welcome to the Reading Eagle Archive. You can now search the Reading Eagle newspaper from October 1989 to yesterday’s newspaper right from your desktop.

If you don't find answers to your questions here, you may email us at info@readingeaglearchives.com or call (610) 478-4801.

Q: Why doesn't the center load, or articles appear when I click them?
A: Reading Eagle Archives uses pop-up and cookie technology, you must allow for the following domains to use cookies and pop-ups.

Q: When I log in to the Reading Eagle Archives, do I need a fast connection?
A: No, but a fast connection is recommended. A dialup connection through a modem is a much slower connection speed then that of Cable modem access or DSL and is not optimal for viewing the Archives. The main difference between the faster connection speeds and dialup will be the time it takes for the archive data to load into the browser window.
Q: Will you be able to signup online or will you have to contact the paper via phone?
A: You can only signup online to access the archives.
Q: Why don't I see a " Log Out" button?
A: The Archive product does not store any private information regarding your account - which means you only need to authenticate for access to the product - all you need to do is close the browser window.
Q: How do I select a date range to search?
A: Start by moving your mouse pointer to:
Date From: Select
Click on the word Select
A calendar grid will appear
Next select the month that you want to search from the month popup and type in the year that you want to start searching from. Click anywhere on the calendar to change the dates for that month/year.

Next click on the calendar day on the calendar grid that you want to search from.

Notice that the Day-Month-Year that you selected appears next to the Date From field.

Follow the above procedure to select the “Date To:” date.
Q: What is the difference between searching the Reading Eagle Archives verses searching the microfilm at the local library or college?
A: Searching through microfilm can be a long and tedious job. Sometimes you can find exactly what you were looking for; sometimes not. Reading Eagle Archives contain archived pages, articles, pictures and ads, saving them in the original newspaper format. Because the archived newspaper pages are digitized you can then search across one specific edition, multiple editions or the entire archived repository using keyword searches, making it vastly more practical when looking for information.
Q: Why don’t you have Reading Eagle newspapers older than October 1989 online and accessible and do plan on doing this sometime?
A: Mostly all of the requests we have received about Reading Eagle Archive access have been about finding stories and articles that appeared in our newspaper over the last 10+ years.

Eventually we would like to digitize all of the printed editions of the Reading Eagle back to 1868, but it will take several years to accomplish.